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We believe that even the most malignant brain tumors, including glioblastoma and grade III glioma, are curable tumors, and cure is our goal.

We hear too often of doctors’ offices being impersonal, unfriendly, and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the same can often be said of the interactions between patients and their doctors. We promise that you will not have that experience here.

Dr. Arenson’s patients over multiple decades bear witness to his friendly, compassionate personality and signature sense of humor. Those who know Dr. Arenson on a personal level appreciate these traits as central to the person he is. Those who work with him professionally, as colleagues and as patients, understand that he holds compassion, humor, personality, and human interaction as central to his approach to treating cancer. His patients have described him and his staff as “inspiring”, “extraordinary”, and embued with a “fighting spirit”.

You will not get the standard run-of-the-mill experience working with Dr. Arenson and his staff. Treatment is individualized and, when appropiate, more aggresive and successful than standard care. Avastin (bevacizumab), is used selectively, but effectively. You will be welcomed into a family of tender, loving, caregivers with a sincerity of character that exceeds the status quo and a level of professionalism and expertise that inspires trust, optimism, and hope.

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