PHONE: 720.389.7749

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How to Contact Us

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, we encourage you to contact us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because every brain tumor and brain tumor patient is unique, Dr. Arenson cannot give opinions over the phone or via e-mail or fax. 

Not only is he prevented from doing so for legal reasons, but informed diagnoses and opinions can only be given following a thorough evaluation of MRIs and/or other tests and opinions that may have been given by previous physicians…as well as a face-to-face meeting with the patient.

Therefore, in order for Dr. Arenson to consider your case, you must be able to come to his office in Englewood, Colorado.

How to make an appointment:

If you wish to make an appointment, call his office: (720) 389.7749 and ask for Aura or email her at aarenson@artofmedicalcare.com
499 East Hampden Ave. | Suite 450 | Englewood, CO 80113

What we will need from you when you arrive:

  1. Please bring all MRIs in DICOM Format (or CT scans if MRI not done), pathology report, if available, and any typed physician evaluation(s).
  2. Please also bring all pertinent identification and insurance information. Dr. Arenson cannot evaluate or treat you without first verifying and approving your insurance coverage.
What you can expect when you arrive:
  • You will find a modern, efficient office and a professional, concerned and understanding staff.
  • Our initial examination and evaluation will take an hour or more. If you have come from out-of-town and you may want to make arrangements for an        overnight stay, our office staff will help you.